Hi. My name is Martin Freeman. I've been building electronic instruments since 2009. You may know of me from my old Repeater Electronics blog (hellospiral.tumblr.com) My company is called MROZTRONIUM. The name is a synthesis of MROZ (Polish for "frost", and my mother's family name) and the ELECTRONIUM (an early advanced electronic musical composition system designed by Raymond Scott and collaborators). I design and build Synthesizers from the Frost Lands of Rochester, NY, USA.

MROZTRONIUM instruments are inspired by voltage-controlled synthesizers from the 1960's to present with special attention given to creating opportunities for uncertainty and surprising behavior as well as unique sound generating possibilities. Ideally, an instrument of mine will never do exactly the same thing twice. I try to take concepts derived from modular synthesizer experimentation and breadboarding and distill them into instruments with a combination of fixed architecture (inherent personality) and potent patch points (flexibility).